Raspberry Pi 3 Heatsink

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Heatsink for Raspberry Pi is an aluminum heatsink kit used for cooling the chips on Raspberry Pi. Comparing to other heatsinks, it has been attached with thermally conductive adhesive tape, allowing the Raspberry Pi to cool more efficiently.

Besides, the installation is simple, what you need to do is to remove the heatsink protection and stick it on Raspberry Pi.

This heatsink has adhesive film on the back. It is very easy to mount it on the BGA chip. Just remove the protective film on the back of the heatsink and press it gently to the BGA chip. The heatsink will stick to the BGA chip and cool it.

Features :

  1. Dimensions
    • Large Heatsink: 14 x 14 x 7 (LxWxH) mm
    • Small Heatsink: 9 x 9 x 5 (LxWxH) mm
  2. Teeth Number
    • Large Heatsink: 6 Teeth
    • Small Heatsink: 5 Teeth
  3. Compatible with most Raspberry Pi cases
  4. Can be used with other devices such as the Beaglebone
  5. Can be used with stepper motors, motor driver boards etc.


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