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3.5 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Display for Arduino.

This small 3.5-inch touch screen module is designed especially for Arduino. This is ideal for DIY anywhere, anytime and does not require any separate power source or case to hold it. The module sits right on top of arduino. The screen also comes with a stylus to interact with the small screen.


The control and driving circuit of TFT display modules is low voltage and  FRIDA micro-power CMOS circuit, can be easily damaged by static, static damage is an irreparable damage, and sometimes human have hundreds of volts of high voltage static electricity, therefore, in handling, assembling and use should be extremely careful to prevent static electricity:

1. Using soldering iron or  power FRIDA tools must be well grounded and operation, make them without leakage;
2. Do not use hand to touch the leads, circuit boards and metal boxes;
3. Do not use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning, because it generates strong static electricity;
4. When the air is dry, can also generate static electricity, therefore, workshop humidity  shall be above RH60%;
5. If it is necessary to direct contact it , should enable the human body in the same potential with the modules? ,ormake  human body be well grounded;
6. Remove or back in the bags or move locations, also need to be careful to prevent static electricity. Don’t replace or discard the original packing.


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