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The MQ 2 Smoke LPG Butane Hydrogen Gas Sensor Detector Module is useful for gas leakage detection (home and industry). It is suitable for detecting H2, LPG, CH4, CO, Alcohol, Smoke or Propane. Due to its high sensitivity and fast response time, measurement can be taken as soon as possible. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted by the potentiometer.

MQ 2 gas sensor using gas sensitive material is to be clean air in the lower conductivity of Tin oxide (SnO2). When the sensor when flammable gases are present in the environment in which the conductivity of the sensor with an increasing concentration of combustible gas in the air increases.

Use a simple circuit to convert the changes in conductivity and output signal that corresponds to the concentration of the gas.

MQ 2 gas sensor higher sensitivity to liquefied petroleum gas, propane, hydrogen, detection of gas and other combustible vapors are ideal. This sensor can detect a variety of flammable gas, is a low-cost sensor for many applications.

MQ-2 Smoke LPG Butane Hydrogen Gas Sensor Detector Module - ROBU.IN

Following conditions must be avoided

Water Condensation
Indoor conditions, slight water condensation will effect sensors performance lightly. However, if water condensation on sensors surface and keep a certain period, sensor’ sensitivity will be decreased.

Used in high gas concentration
No matter the sensor is electrified or not if long time placed in high gas concentration it will affect sensors characteristic.

Longtime storage
The sensor’s resistance produces reversible drift if it’s stored for a long time without electrify, this drift is related to storage conditions. Sensors should be stored in airproof without silicon gel bag with clean air. For the sensors with long time storage but no electrify, they need long aging time for stability before using.

Longtime exposed to an adverse environment
No matter the sensors electrified or not, if exposed to the adverse environment for a long time, such as high humidity, high temperature, or high pollution etc, it will affect the performance of the sensor badly.

Continual vibration will result in sensors down-lead response then rapture. In transportation or assembling line, pneumatic screwdriver/ultrasonic welding machine can lead to this vibration.

If sensors meet strong concussion, it may lead its lead wire disconnected.

  1. The domestic gas leakage detector
  2. Industrial Combustible gas detector
  3. Portable gas detector

Features :

  1. Good sensitivity to Combustible gas in a wide range
  2. High sensitivity to LPG, Propane, and Hydrogen
  3. Long life and low cost
  4. Simple drive circuit
  5. Can be used as a Digital or analog sensor
  6. The Sensitivity of Digital pin can be varied using the potentiometer
  7. Can be used to Measure or detect LPG, Alcohol, Propane, Hydrogen, CO and even methane.


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