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The MQ 6 LPG – Isobutane – Propane Gas Sensor is a semiconductor gas sensor that detects the presence of LPG, Isobutane, and Propane gas at concentrations from 100 ppm to 10,000 ppm, a range suitable for detecting gas leaks. MQ 6’s  simple analog voltage interface requires only one analog input pin from your microcontroller.The MQ 6 LPG – Isobutane – Propane Gas Sensor detects the concentration of gas in the air and outputs its reading as an analog voltage.  The sensor can operate at temperatures from -10 to 50°C and consumes less than 150 mA at 5 V.

Features of MQ6 LPG GAS SENSOR:-

  • High Sensitivity to LPG, iso-butane, propane
  • Small sensitivity to alcohol, smoke
  • Good sensitivity to Combustible gas in wide range
  • High sensitivity to Propane, Butane, LPG and also response to Natural gas
  • Long life and low cost
  • Simple drive circuit

Specification of MQ6 LPG GAS Sensor:-

  • Detection Range: 100 – 10,000 ppm iso-butane propane
  • Fast Response Time: <10s
  • Simple drive circuit
  • Heater Voltage: 5.0V
  • Dimensions: 18mm Diameter, 17mm High excluding pins, Pins – 6mm High

Applications of MQ6 LPG Gas Sensor:-

  • Gas leak detection system
  • Fire/Safety detection system
  • Domestic gas leakage detector
  • Industrial Combustible gas detector
  • Portable gas detector
  • Gas leak alarm
  • Gas detector


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