Multipurpose Shield

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The multi-function Learning board for Arduino has many of features which makes it ideal for beginners who just want to experiment and learn, or just as a general purpose board for more advanced uses. It has provisions for ADC experiments, General Purpose I/O experiments, Segment Displays, Communications and more.


Plug and play with Arduino Uno or Mega
4 digit 7-segment LED display module
4 x surface mount LEDs
1 x 10K adjustable precision potentiometer for trying ADC experiments.
3 x Independent push buttons
Piezo buzzer
DS18B20 temperature sensor interface
LM35 temperature sensor interface
Infrared receiver interface
Serial interface header for convenient connection to serial modules such as Bluetooth, wireless interface, voice module, a voice recognition module etc

Pin Layout of Multi-functional Board

4 Red LEDs-Pin 10,11,12,13
3 Buttons+Reset button-Pin A1,A2,A3
Potentiometer(10Kohm)-Pin A0
4 digit seven segment led driven by 74HC595-Latch 4,Clock 7,Data 8
Buzzer-3(digital on/off)
Socket for infrared receiver(remote control)-Pin 2
Socket for temperature sensor LM35 or DS18B20-Pin A4
Header for APC220 shield-Gnd,5V,0,1(rx/tx)
Free pins(PWM)-5,6,9,A5


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