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Running out of RAM on your Arduino? Need to receive and process large amount of data? RAM Shield is here to help. RAM Shield is a stackable shield with 1, 2 or 4 128kB (=1Mb) memory modules connected to SPI bus. Each memory module has its own CS pin, that can be assigned to any available pin on Arduino using a jumper. Therefore this shield can be used with many other shields without pin conflicts, just simply select a pin, that’s not used by other shields. You can even stack multiple RAM shields together if you need more than 512kB RAM. RAM supports unlimited number of writes. Data is being written to the RAM as they are being clocked in with no delay.

This Arduino RAM shield uses a non volatile RAM chips, that can keep the content of the memory intact for years as long as the CR2032 backup battery is present. The shield can operate without the backup battery as well, but the RAM will clear when power is lost.


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