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VS 11 is analog servo with 6.5 kgf.cm torque. This servo motor is ideal for making your own hexapod, walking insects, heavy duty sensor,camera pod..They are very useful in robotics applications because of there small size and low cost. Servo motor has built in motor, gearbox, position feedback mechanism and motor controller. The servo motor can be controlled to move any position just by using simple pulse controlling. This motor has three wire interfaces for control and power supply.On servo motor black/brown wire is battery ground (negative), the red wire is battery power (positive) and the white/yellow/orange wire is receiver signal.

Motor Type DC
Voltage 4.8-6.0V
Operating Voltage : 4.8V – 6.0V DC.
Operating Speed : 0.20 sec / 60 at 4.8 V with  no load and 0.17 sec / 60 at 6.0 V with no load.
Output Torque : ≥5.5 kgf.cm at 4.8V and ≥6.5 kgf.cm at 6.0V.
Weight : 42 gm.
Size : 40.6 x 20.0 x 38.9 mm.


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