Arduino Uno Proto Shield

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Used in conjunction with the Arduino UNO ProtoShield prototype expansion board, used to build prototype circuits can be directly soldered components on the board, you can also connect the circuit through the above mini breadboard. Between breadboard and the board through the double-sided adhesive connection, when sold breadboard and the board are separate.

The UNO Proto Shield prototype expansion board with SYB-170 mini breadboard makes it easy for you to design custom circuits. You can solder parts to the prototyping area to create your project, or use it with a small solderless breadboard to quickly test circuit ideas without having to solder.

It’s got extra connections for all of the Arduino I/O pins, and it’s got space to mount through-hole and surface mount integrated circuits. It’s a convenient way to make your custom circuit and Arduino into a single module.

ProtoShield prototype expansion board with two buttons and two LED circuits can be directly used, all pins and power have been drawn, very fit and build circuit prototyping with Arduino.

Features :

  1. It has a nice standard 0.1″x0.1″ prototyping grid with big pads
  2. Comes with Stacking headers and plain header, choose whichever you want when soldering together
  3. An IC pattern for adding DIP ICs up to 20 pins
  4. Power rails down the middle and sides
  5. A reset button and an extra general use button
  6. Two 3mm general use LEDs, red and green, as well as 2 matching resistors
  7. A pass-thru ICSP stacking header so you can stack any kind of shield on top, and/or use an AVR programmer
  8. A surface-mount chip area for up to 14 SOIC size parts
  9. Compatible with tiny breadboards
  10. Every pin is brought out!
  11. Gold plated pads
  12. 2 x 0.1uF capacitors on either side for extra power stability


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